Private Training

Rachel offers a private Training Bundle for €150. This consists of three separate one-hour lessons at your home. Alternatively, if you prefer just doing a single lesson, this costs €60

You always get detailed handouts after each session with a recap of everything that was worked on. To get the best results, the bundle is recommended so that you and Rachel can work together on progressing the training.
🐾 Private Training can cover things like:
– Basic Manners
– Recall (coming when called)
– Walking nicely on the lead
– Jumping up
– Tricks training
– Canine enrichment (keeping canine brains busy with sniffing games and puzzles)

Group Training

Group classes take place at WaggyMamas near Enniskerry. Classes run for four weeks and cost €120. Please send an enquiry to be kept informed about upcoming classes

🐾 Tricks Class
The aim of this class is to have fun with your dog and earn trick titles!
– Suitable for any age/breed/ability of dog and beginner/experienced handlers alike
– Fun and exciting class where you and your dog will work on at least 15 tricks and will earn a Trick Dog title
– Build your dog’s confidence, mentally stimulate them and strengthen your bond as you work on this new challenge as a team. 
🐾 Reliable Recall 
The aim of the class is to teach your dog to love coming back when called!
– Suits any age or breed of dog
– Understand why dogs might struggle to come back and how you can change this
– Reset your recall
– Discover ways to increase the value for coming back when called
– Learn games to play with your dog that’ll make it fun for them to come back to you
🐾 Puppy Manners 
The aim of this class is to learn how set your puppy up for a lifetime of success.
The topics covered over the four weeks are:
– Basic pet behaviours like Sit and Down
– Recall (coming back when called)
– Settle training (Relax on a mat)
– Leave It
– How to manage problem behaviours like puppy biting or jumping up
– Toilet training
– Loose lead walking (walking without pulling)

Tricks Training

Rachel is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) with Do More With your Dog (DMWYD)! The options available are: private training, group classes, or online coaching.

🐾 Benefits of Tricks Training 
– build your dog’s confidence
– teach skills and focus
– mentally stimulate your dog
– strengthen your bond
– work on a new challenge as a team
🐾 Who can do Tricks Training?
– Suitable for all ages, breeds and sizes of dogs
– Suitable for both beginners and those with training experience
– tailored to suit each individual dog/human team